Power Supply for 17″ iMac

I’ve had a 2006 17″ iMac Core Duo in the Surgery this week. This machine had inherited the annoying habit of cutting out and switching itself off unexpectedly after a few minutes of operation. This fault can be symptomatic of a number of underlying problems, but in this case it soon became clear that the power supply was the culprit.

2013-01-14 11.29.05

Having sourced a new power unit, it was a case of careful disassembly and replacement. The iMac, although a great looking and performing machine, is a bit “crowded” inside and so is not the easiest to work on. However, with care and attention, the repair was soon completed and the machine was back performing at its best. For a seven year old box, the 2006 iMac still looks the business. Now, complete with its new power supply, it should be good for several more years faithful operation.

2013-01-18 15.39.49