Rejuventating an Asus X53E

Last week I had An Asus X53E laptop arrive in the Surgery which, for a relatively new machine, had certainly been in the wars. The hard disk had been removed and was showing distinct signs of failure, there was no RAM present and the dc jack had been broken inside the machine and so it couldn’t be switched on once the battery had lost its charge.

Replacing the broken dc jack on the Asus required a complete strip down of the machine and removal of the motherboard onto which the dc jack is directly soldered. The old jack has to be carefully desoldered off the board before the new one can be soldered in place. Not necessarily a job for the faint hearted, but straightforward enough with time and patience.

With this achieved, it was then simply a matter of installing a new hard drive and some RAM, reinstalling Windows and away you go. An Asus brought back to full health.