Health Checks

PC running slowly, we can speed it up for you

Has your computer started to show it’s age? Running very slowly or taking an age to boot up? Does it suffer from frequent crashes? When was the last time it had a health check?

If you want to keep your precious machine running at its optimum, just like when it was brand new, it is important to give it some regular maintenance. My PC Surgery recommends a health check for your PC at least once a year.

Computer systems gradually lose efficiency over time, due to the normal demands of day-to-day activity. So why not book your operating system in for a quick medical? Here at My PC Surgery, I perform a 14-point health check to optimise your computer system, diagnose and remove common problems and ensure it is performing to the very best of its ability.

The My PC Surgery Health Check Service covers the following:

  • Clean up hard disc & remove temporary files
  • Check & defragment hard disc
  • Check & install critical operating system updates
  • Check & install critical application software updates
  • Check anti-virus software is fully updated and scan for malware
  • Check spyware software is fully updated and check for spyware
  • Check and clean registry for errors
  • Tidy up start menu & remove unnecessary items
  • Remove unused or trial period programs
  • Delete unnecesary cookies & temporary internet files
  • Check & ensure all system drivers are up to date
  • Clean computer keyboard & case
  • Check all PC components are seated & installed correctly
  • Recommend any appropriate hardware/software upgrades

Ring the surgery to day and book your machine in for a health check. Go on, you know it makes sense!

If you think we could help, get in touch today!