PC Repairs

Sick of seeing the Blue Screen of Death™?

Has your computer broken? The dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ halted you in your tracks? Hard disk making strange noises?  Or is your PC just running so slowly that you can probably both make a cup of tea and drink it while waiting for it to boot up? Don’t worry, My PC Surgery is here to provide the speedy answer to all your computer repair and performance needs. I won’t overwhelm you with science. I won’t say you need an expensive upgrade when you don’t. All you will get from me is good, old-fashioned quality service at an affordable price. I will repair your computer, with the minimum of fuss and return it to you in as short a time as possible.

It will always be preferable if you can deliver your PC direct to my surgery. However, if that isn’t possible or you would rather I come to you and collect, that can be arranged. Rest assured that your computer will be in safe hands. I treat your equipment as carefully and respectfully as if it were my own. One thing I do ask, however, is that you make sure all your critical personal data is backed up before you pass your machine over for repair.

I will always endeavour to protect your data, but I can’t take final responsibility for data losses where you haven’t been backing your machine up!

I will always be clear and upfront about repair costs. I have standard labour charges for the most common computer woes. Check out my pricing page for details.


If you think we could help, get in touch today!