Malware Removal


Is your computer behaving strangely, with sudden crashes, rapid changes in performance, unexplained redirects to unknown websites, or other seemingly unexplained abnormalities?  If so, there’s a good chance that you have become the unwitting victim of a malware infection.

Malware can leave your computer inconvenienced at best, unusable at worst, with your personal and financial details potentially exposed to cyber crime. If you are unfortunate enough to get an infected machine, don’t worry. My PC Surgery offers a complete virus identification and removal service. I will scan your PC for viruses, safely remove them and restore your machine to a clean bill of health.

But don’t delay. If you suspect you have a virus, then you need to act promptly to minimise the impact. Contact me today, and rest assured you will be in safe hands as I sort out your problem.

And remember, I won’t charge you the earth. Like all my offerings, this is a great service at a very competitive price.

If you think we could help, get in touch today!