“I really recommend My PC Surgery, very good experience, fantastic service. When my laptop got a problem I thought my laptop became very bad, it didn’t work good, after I got help from My PC Surgery I became very happy because My PC Surgery had made amazing service, after that I increased my time to use the internet network. I enjoy it so much, also I still have contact with My PC Surgery. My PC Surgery is lovely, friendly, very happy to answer all the questions, always ready to do any help, thank you very much.”

Mohamed Husain, Westbury Park

“Peter provided an exceptional service in fixing my virus riddled laptop in terms of technical knowhow, professionalism and approachability. I would have no qualms in recommending his services.”

Anastasia Waite

“Three cheers for My PC Surgery:Computer Services Bristol for the amazing rebirth of our very poorly computer, thank you very much Peter. You are our HERO”

Rob Cracknell

“Pete fixed my laptop with no problems at all, for a very reasonable price. He managed to recover all of my C drive including my dissertation folder just in time, what a life saver! – and he’s a really lovely bloke too. I would recommend him to anyone :-)

Kari Burrows

“Excellent Results. My PC PSU died and (it turned out) a dead motherboard. Peter kept my informed of developments, kept to his anticipated timescales and for a reasonable price got a far better machine at the end with a much faster CPU, double the RAM and a better sound card, all for a very reasonable price.”

Stuart Machin

“I was delighted by the service provided by My PC Surgery. My computer had become so slow and froze so frequently as to be unusable; after repair it is now much faster and quieter than when it was new. Also, I was not patronised for my lack of IT knowledge”

Richard Rowe

“As a professional musician I had recently decided to update all my sound and recording equipment and go digital I was recommended by My PC Surgery to look into the use of Garageband software as a means of pursuing my directions in musical education and therapy. I had been aware of Garageband, but until I had spoken to My PC Surgery I did not see its full potential. I asked them whether they could find me a suitable machine to run Garageband. They not only sourced an excellent second hand Apple Macbook Pro laptop for me very quickly at an amazingly good price but also set it up and helped me to start musical recording with my students. This has not only saved me money but brought me into the digital age. Well done My PC Surgery.”

Black Silver, West Midlands

“Two years ago I took out a contract with O2 on a new Samsung Laptop. I consider myself to have a fair knowledge of computers but relied on O2 to sort out any problems that occurred over the period of the contract. Although they were always responsive, I wasn’t aware that my machine had begun to perform very poorly. I was then recommended to My PC Surgery. They took my laptop and transformed it, making it run fantastically quickly. I hadn’t been able to enjoy watching You Tube videos uninterrupted before, but suddenly it had started to play without hesitation, even though I was reliant upon accessing the internet via a mobile dongle connection. It was like having a new machine. Not only that, the work was done quickly and at an exceptionally reasonable price. I will not hesitate to return to My PC Surgery when I require further support and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Mike Barber, Birmingham

“My PC was attacked by 4 Trojan viruses which pretty much dissolved the registry and left the machine essentially useless, even though I was running AVG and Zone Alarm antivirus software!!
I phoned Peter and following a brief discussion took the machine straight round to him. Within 48 hours I had a working PC back again, he cleaned off the viruses and re-built the registry so I was back in business very quickly!  I run a small business and this machine is absolutely critical to this. To have the PC back in such quick time I can’t praise Peter highly enough.
I can definitely recommend him to anyone who’s had their machine zapped by a virus as his service is quick, excellent quality and very reasonably priced.”

Martin Clifford, Filton

“As a PR and web agency working with clients spread throughout the UK and Europe, it is vital that we are able to respond at almost any time of day or night.  To do that, our IT systems must be robust and very well supported. My PC Surgery offers us excellent technical back-up and trouble-shooting solutions for our Bristol-based staff… and at a very competitive price.”


The John Knowles Company, Falmouth

“After my laptop decided not to turn on anymore, I returned it to John Lewis as it was still under guarantee. John Lewis informed me I had to get all the data from my hard drive removed if I wanted to keep it and then I would have to take it back in and they would repair it for me. However, this was going to take three weeks. I then gave Peter at My PC Surgery a call to see if he could help. Not only did Peter give me a cheaper quote than the two other places I contacted.. he was also able to fix the problem with the computer for me in 48 hours. He was very helpful and amazing value for money. I will definitely go back to him with any computer problems I have in the future and would happily recommend his services and value for money”…

Lizzie Summers, Redland

“Our computer is over 5 years old, was very slow and had seen better days. My PC Surgery made a thorough review of what was needed to make it run faster and efficiently and what that would cost. I was extremely pleased with the upgrade, the system is now working like a brand new machine for half the price of a replacement standard desk top computer. I and the family are very happy – the service was friendly, professional and speedy. I would recommend My PC Surgery 100%.”

Charmaine Ryan, Henleaze