What makes us special

So why should you bring your poorly laptop or broken PC to My PC Surgery? After all, there are a lot of other computer repair and data recovery services out there.

Well, if you want excellent value for money, a service that treats you and your computer as the number one priority, that doesn’t talk to you in ‘geek speak’ but always plain english and can be trusted to put your needs first, then there really isn’t any other option. My PC Surgery will give you all this and more.

Check out the range of services I offer and then give me a ring to discuss your requirements. I am always happy to provide free, unbiased advice. If I don’t think I can help you, then I’ll tell you so straight away!

Rest assured, My PC Surgery offers excellent value for money and a trustworthy reputation that is second to none. If you don’t believe the words, check out my testimonials page. After all, the customer is always right!