Replacing a Dell Pavilion G6 Fan

If you are ever faced with this message when you come to fire up your laptop, chances are that you’re cooling fan is in need of replacement.

2013-05-08 08.51.59

If you don’t feel comfortable bout stripping down your computer to fit a new fan, then book it in to the Surgery and let us do it for you. Whatever you do, don’t simply carry on using your machine and hope that the problem will just disappear. Overheating is the sworn enemy of electronic components and you could end up simply frying your processor and facing a much larger repair bill than necessary.

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It might be that when everything is opened up,  you’ll find that the fan has simply become clogged up with dust and detritus and all that is needed is a good clean to get it working effectively again. This machine I recently repaired was quite clogged up, but still needed a new fan to restore everything but to normal.