Is XP up to date?

Are you one of the many who are still happily working away with Windows XP? Not been tempted to upgrade to Windows 7 as yet? No? Well, I do understand. XP has proved to be one of the more stable and reliable Microsoft platforms over the years. However, is your copy of XP up to date? Are you running Service Pack 3? If not, you could be risking problems. Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows XP Service Pack 2 back in July last year so if you are not on the latest level, you won’t be getting any new security fixes or patches from Windows Update.

And how do I tell what service pack version I have installed I hear you ask?

Easy. From the Start box, select the run option and type ‘winver’ in the dialogue box.

If you are running Vista or Windows 7, from the Start Globe type ‘winver’ directly into the search box and hit enter. A window will be displayed like the one below showing you the details of the operating system and service pack level currently installed.

Go on, check your os version today. If you find you are still on XP SP2, then head over to the Microsoft site and download SP3 straight away. Then you can relax a bit and carry on safe in the knowledge that your version of XP is current, at least until April 2014 when official XP support is likely to finish for good.