Removing unwanted programs the Mac way

A question I’m often asked is ‘how do I remove unwanted programs from my Mac computer’? As you probably know, the Mac experience is quite different from running Windows. One key difference is the fact that there is no Add/Remove Programs utility on the Mac.

Then how do you go about removing programs you no longer need?

Simple. Just click on the application icon and drag it to the trash.

Alternatively, go to your Applications folder, press the ‘ctrl’ key and select the icon of the program concerned. Then simply select the ‘move to trash’ option from the pop up menu.

How easy can it get? Admittedly, this method of removal won’t necessarily always delete any preferences associated with the program. These can normally be safely left on your hard drive as they are unlikely to take up much space.

However, if you want to ensure a total removal and to keep things really tidy, then use one of the third party applications available that will automate the job for you. There are may to choose from. AppCleaner is a favourite of mine, it does a great job and it’s also free to download.

There you have it, removing programs on the Mac is simplicity itself.