Sending large emails the PDF way…

You know the problem, you want to send that big email to your friends with your holiday news containing that treasured selection of photos you took at Christmas. The trouble is, by the time you’ve attached all the pictures, the size of the email has run into tens of megabytes which means that its probably far too large to send.

You can normally send and receive email messages up to 25MB in size, but this depends on your email provider. (Hotmail for instance has a limit of 10MB, Gmail of 20MB). This size limit includes the message text, headers, and all attachments. If the file you are trying to transfer exceeds the limit, you will normally have to either compress the file or split it into several smaller parts.

One simple alternative is to send all your pictures, or indeed your entire letter, as a single PDF attachment. Create your document in Microsoft Word, insert your pictures and, (from version 2007 onwards),  you have the option to save the whole thing as a PDF or XPS file type. Select this option, and the further option in the popup window to ‘optimise for minimum size’ and hey presto your document will be saved as a PDF ready for publishing at a fraction of the size.

So go on, create a PDF letter which includes all those holiday snaps, and attach it to your email. Your friends will be glad that you haven’t filled up their inbox and best of all,  they don’t even need to have a copy of Word in order to catch up on the gossip and look at all those glorious snaps!