Slow laptop? Low disk space? Time for an upgrade

Is your PC a bit sluggish? Fancy speeding your laptop up so you can run that latest game? Want to have multiple program windows open at one time without a serious dip in performance, or just running out of space on your c: drive? Sounds like you might need to consider an upgrade?

Here at My PC Surgery, I can advise you on the best way of getting the most from your computer equipment. If that requires a hardware upgrade, be it a new processor, larger hard drive, motherboard or more likely simply plugging in some more memory, rest assured that I will advise on what is the most cost effective way to go.

I always work on the same, simple principle¬† – what would I do if it were my equipment? Rest assured that I will always recommend what I believe to be the best, most cost effective solution to your upgrade questions and you can relax in the knowledge that you will enjoy My PC Surgery’s legendary quality of service.

If you think we could help, get in touch today!