Time for a Spring Clean?

Laptop running slow? Everything taking an age to do? Spending too long watching that hour glass constantly turning? Even got time to make a coffee before the machine starts up first thing?

You know, it might be time for a spring clean! It’s a fact of life that over time your Windows machine will slow down. All those downloaded programs you thought were going to be indispensable but that you haven’t used or worse still, not properly uninstalled, will take their toll on performance. So will a heavily fragmented disc or worse still, a malware infection.

Every 9-12 months, I perform a complete reinstallation on my machines – reformatting the hard disc and reinstalling the operating system. Obviously, I make sure that I have backed up all my personal files first! It can take a little while to do, but its definitely worth it. I can guarantee you will see an improvement in performance, often it can be dramatic. I then only reinstall the programs I actually use!

And when you’ve returned your computer to a clean state, why not take an image of the system as it is? Then, when you come to spring clean the next time, you have the simple job of reinstalling the image. It takes a fraction of the time of a traditional re-install yet can achieve the same dramatic results.

If you want a spring clean, but simply don’t have the time or confidence to do it yourself, then fear not. My PC Surgery can do it for you. We will even image your drive afterwards and show you how to restore that image, making future spring cleaning a breeze. Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse!