Windows 7 Magnifier

Windows 7 has a number of neat little tricks and features which many people don’t even realise are there, hidden away under the bonnet. One of these is the Magnifier. This is a great little tool to help visually impaired people use their computer and could also be really useful when giving a presentation where you want to illustrate part of the screen to an audience.

It can enlarge the screen to any specific zoom value.

You can launch it from Start > All Programs > Accessories > Ease Of Access > Magnifier or, alternatively, simply type Magnifier in Start Search.

It has three modes Full-screen, Lens and Docked. These can be accessed from the views menu option. The Full-screen mode is useful when you want to magnify the entire screen, the Lens mode magnifies the area around the mouse pointer and moves with it when the pointer is moved and the Docked mode only magnifies a particular area of screen.

Pin it to the taskbar and make use of it. Go on, try it out today!